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Thread: Adding a product to the Shopping Cart System

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    Thumbs up Adding a product to the Shopping Cart System

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    Default Re: Adding a product to the Shopping Cart System

    From the Shopping Cart Menu, click on the Add New Products Button. The Add New Product Menu consists of four separate option groups, which are accessed by clicking on their appropriate “tab.”

    Product Info Tab

    When adding new products, it is necessary for you to fill out several fields under the Product Info tab. These fields are marked with an asterisks (*).

    Part No. (SKU Number)*
    : You must assign a part, or inventory number to each product listed in the Shopping Cart, as it will be referenced frequently by the Pro Edition.

    Unit Price*
    : Amount of money that you wish to charge, per single sku, for the product.

    Part Name (Title)*
    : The name you wish site visitors to see when viewing this product (i.e. T-Shirt)

    Catalog Ref Number
    : In situations where products are associated with inventory or catalog numbers, this number will appear on invoices, in addition to the sku number.

    : Description of product that will appear when it is found through browsing or searching your online catalog.

    Main Category*
    : Primary category, selected from those you have created, that you wish this product to be associated with.

    Shipping Charge (A)
    : If you are using standard shipping, then this value should be the amount you wish to charge for purchase of this individual sku, per qty ordered.

    Secondary Category
    : If so inclined, you may associate this product with an additional category. You may also associate it with yet another category through “Advanced Options” (discussed later).

    Product Images Tab

    If you would like any images to be included with a product’s information, you may select them from the options under the Product Images Tab.

    Thumbnail Image
    : This image will display, along with the description, when a user finds the product by searching or browsing your online catalog.

    Full Size Image
    : This image will display when a user requests details or more information about the product.

    A single image can be used and assigned to the thumbnail selection. The Pro Edition will contract the image automatically for visual display on the search results pages and then allow it to expand to its normal size on the “more information” pages.

    NOTE: Before images can be selected, you must upload them through the File Upload Module.

    Price Variation Tab

    This feature allows you to assign multiple selections and pricing to a product, without it otherwise being treated as a separate single-sku. It it easier to understand how this works by viewing a “real-world” example:
    A sample configuration of the Price Variation tab:

    Resulting Display (within web site) of above configuration:

    NOTE: Any single price specified under the Product Info tab will be ignored when utilizing the sub-category pricing structure.

    Advanced Options Tab

    The features configurable through this tab manage other miscellaneous, product-specific functions. While some of these features are used in nearly all eCommerce applications, most are only needed in those of a larger, more complex nature.

    Charge Tax for this product
    : Set to “Yes” by default, this option allows you to specify weather or not sales tax is charged for this product.

    Charge Shipping for this product
    : This option mandates weather or not shipping charges are applied to this SKU (set to “Yes” by default).

    Security Code
    : Allows product to be viewed only by users within the specified group. (See Secure Users for more details)

    Attachment Page
    : Shopping Cart Attachment pages created through the Page Editor will display here. If selected, the page content will be displayed in the “Product Details” section of the “More Information” page for this SKU.

    Recommend this product during view/edit cart
    : Specifies whether a link to this item, along with its assigned thumbnail image (if available), is displayed when a user views his/her shopping cart.

    Recommend products like this one
    : Enter the Sku numbers, separated by commas, of other products that you would like to recommend when a user views this product.

    Require Form Data
    : In the case that you require additional information from customers to properly fulfill their order, you may have them submit the selected web form for additional data pertaining to this SKU. Based on the “per Qty” and “Ignore Qty” radio buttons below the selection box, this form will either be displayed once for each quantity added to the Cart, or one time regardless of quantity added. The information collected through this form will be included with the other Shopping Cart data on the final invoice. (See Custom Web Forms for more information)

    Download available on purchase
    : Presents users with the option to download the specified file upon purchase of this Sku (file must first be uploaded through the File Upload module).

    Display this Product
    : Especially useful when you are temporarily out of an item, this option defaults to “Yes,” and determines whether or not this Sku will be available through you site.

    Inventory Count
    : If a quantity is entered; each time this sku is ordered, the quantity will be reduced by one. When the countdown reaches 0, the product will automatically switch to “No Display,” but will not be deleted.

    Additional Category Association
    : Places this Sku in an additional Category so that it may be found when users browse either category.

    User-Defined Variable (B & C)
    : Assigns additional characteristics to this product for use with custom includes. (See Custom PHP Includes for more information)

    Searchable Keywords
    : Enter the keywords by which users can find this product when searching your shopping cart. Keywords are used to more accurately return site visitors’ search queries, and are never displayed.


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