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10-18-2006, 10:23 AM

My name is Summer! I have a small problem with my Outlook Express email accounts for my website www.manaroahomestead.com (http://www.manaroahomestead.com) . I have them set to be forwarded to my home email, but for some reason when I push SEND/RECIEVE on my home email, I am prompted to type in my password for the forwarded email account. I do this and push enter and then it prompts me again.....and again..... and again...!!!!! Nothing ever happens and in the end I cancel it, then it tells me that the process failed! HELP!! Does this mean I may not be recieving emails from my website?

Thank you in advance!!!

Summer Jamieson
www.manaroahomestead.com (http://www.manaroahomestead.com)

10-19-2006, 09:25 AM
You have not set it up correctly, please click the below...