View Full Version : Confused over servers and logins

02-27-2006, 12:05 PM
I am confused about my email. I have watched the tutorial for both the control panel and how to set up an email account with outlook express. There seems to be some contradictions in the tutorials

First of all I take it that I have email supplied with my hosting package there fore I should be using Vodahost servers.

The tutorial says that should use mail.mydomain.co.uk for both outgoing and incoming is this correct?

I have set up a new email through the cpanel (info@dargdaffin.co.uk (info@dargdaffin.co.uk)) and given it a password


Is the login for my new email account info@dargdaffin.co.uk (info@dargdaffin.co.uk) or is it the login that was given to me on my welcome email when I joined Vodahost


Is the password the one I set up in my new email or is it the password given to me on the welcome email

Or is the login info+dargdaffin.co.uk (note the +) as detailed on the cpanel

Please could somone shed some light (heck I though this was going to be the easy part ha ha)



05-03-2006, 03:32 PM
No the password is not the password in your welcome email, it is the password
you used to create your email account. Click the below...