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  • Create MOBI Webs With Blue Voda

    Although MOBI websites (and scripts) seem to be forced on their way out due to fast evolving redundancy as the new DROID technology meets or exceeds iP h o n e ability to display non-abbreviated, true display websites including Flash, there is still a huge opportunity to effectively make available your website in a version exclusively created for cell telephones and their limited display.

    Even though BlueVoda does not have the ability to design a "Responsive" web page (a page that automatically "re-sizes" according to the device display parameters, and often has the ability to define an "order" of page elements to display in a "one column" format), you can still use BlueVoda to create an awesome Mobile version that will more than satisfy both you and your Visitors.

    Not every phone is a "SmartPhone" nor does everyone have expanded data plans, so designing a site that is both optimal for cell phone viewing and does not encumber the Viewer's data allotment is still important, and thus a MOBI site does in fact still compel you to make a strategic decision -- if only for viewability on these smaller devices​ (screens smaller than 5" are specifically framed using mobile coding formatting specifically created for the various Mobile Browsers still with limited functionality, and thus require a specifically designed website) a MOBI site with a 'DnD' script up front on your Main site makes a lot of sense even today.

    However, many still desire to present a MOBI website specifically for reasons that include marketing, branding, and Net Presence (a wider footprint, and inclusion in the MOBI Directory), and Blue Voda is still the tool you can use to create a compliant, functional, and intelligent site design with some degree of continuity with your non-MOBI website. It does take a focused effort, and there are different rules and standards, so use the proper resources when planning and creating your MOBI site.
    * Having a .mobi website will not influence SERP of your .com/.org/.info/.biz website, nor are .mobi sites similarly "ranked" by Search Engines. The MOBI Directory is simply maintained as a Directory without attributed values placed on sites or owners of MOBI sites.

    <Edited ... earlier posted 'design tips' links no longer available>

    Purchase of a separate ".mobi" Domain is required to use this information properly.

    Basic Parameters to keep in mind:

    1. Try limiting your web pages to static "image-light" pages to keep the coding lean and easier to display on mobile devices.

    Basic universal page size parameters for phones is to keep the pages legible and without the need to manually enlarge them exponentially just to make them legible is a scale of 500 pixels wide and most page lengths no longer than 2800 pixels deep (to minimize page navigational ease, scrolling down is preferred rather than trying to link to another "short" page unnecessarily). These page parameters force you page design to the acceptable legibility and functional minimums required for effective MOBI presence. "If you can't read it when designing, it can't be read live," and also critical when designing, "The importance of a MOBIle website is to compliment the thirst for information in abbreviated sessions" ... meaning, don't cram nonsense and over-bearing visuals into your design: keep it light, legible, and smart.

    For Tablets and similar devices, there is no pressing need to create a MOBI site, as they all now have the ability to render real-time website functionality, including dynamic navigational scripting and Flash. You should, however, keep in mind that to preserve legibility of the natural display as designed, page widths should be no wider than 900 pixels wide (slightly narrower than the maximum recommended 982 pixels for standard websites): this eliminates the need for Viewers being compelled to enlarge views or to use excessive scrolling once the view is corrected, due to the proportional scale page size projects into your page design.

    FOR BOTH PHONES AND TABLETS: Keep navigation simple, static, and not only legible but prominent on the pages (remember, it is not simply just a matter of keeping the code light per page, but reasonably legible) by using Text Links primarily, and NOT dynamic Menubars or scripts.

    . And, you mustn't forget to use the all-important Mobile Device Detection Script which when installed on your .com/.org/.info/.biz website can detect if a Visitor is using a mobile device (telephone) and then automatically "forward" them seamlessly to your specially prepared .mobi site: Use this simple Java based "DnD" (Detect and Direct) code >

    Remember that a MOBI website is not necessarily required to be completely identical to your regular or main website, but merely easier to visit using a mobile device (cell phone)! With the evolution of DROID and now even Tablets entering the market, the issue of Flash is no longer either, as now most phones, tablets, and many handhelds can now render a display of Main websites capably, making a MOBI website merely another element in a larger web presence, but not as an "essential" as it was just a few short years ago, but still worthy of strategic consideration.

    To make things much easier rather than creating a MOBI site manually, VodaHost now also offers the BlueVoda Mobile Website Builder, which you can explore using THIS LINK
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