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Am i thinking straight?

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  • Am i thinking straight?

    OK - Let me see if I understand this correctly.. First, I have been researching how a very small bsn might begin to set up an email adresss, opt in data base.. then USE it.. to i.e. send news letters.. and sort it, checking for duplicates.. rearranging and assigning catagaories ( groups).. based upon related input fields..

    SO, i understand Navels advanced form for BV.. stores the data in the CP and that the data is viewable using CP tools,, and downloadable in cvc, text formats, etc..

    Thus for small bsn owners whom want to process (send, deleted bounceback emails, sort into catagiries) , say 200 to 1000 emails per month.. the new forms.. COULD work .. to help with this and i THINK i understand some custom scripting may be needed..

    Plus .. what else.. ?

    any ideas.. mike
    Kindest of Regards,

    Just Mike

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    Re: Am i thinking straight?

    A mail service that wouldnt be put on the black list for spam from the servers... Like aweber.. etc..



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