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FROM email - submitted data forms Question.

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  • FROM email - submitted data forms Question.

    How can I set the value of the "FROM" EMAIL so that it's not showing they're all from my own email account as the one filling out the form?

    Prior to the upgrade to BV 10.1, my submitted data emails would be FROM the various clients that submitted the form. Now my new forms are all showing as being from my own account instead of the various emails addresses. All data being received are correct, so I know my form is working correctly - all, except the FROM email. Does that make sense? LOL

    Seems that the older version does not use the built in PHP form processor? Is there a code I need to add or change to get the FROM email to be of various?

    Thank you...hopefully someone can direct me and not be confused by me!! :)

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    Re: FROM email - submitted data forms Question.


    I think I know what you're trying to say. Like some websites I've visited, they sometimes requires to confirm your email address...

    Confirm Email:

    I think this is how it's done, the "confirm email" will become the header/subject when the form is sent back to you.
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      Re: FROM email - submitted data forms Question.

      The built in form processor looks for a field named "email" (lowercase)

      If it doesn't find one, it replaces the "From" address with our own email address, otherwise the mail could get blocked by antispam filters.

      So this happens if the visitors email field is named something else, like "Email" or "e-mail" or ANYTHING else than "email".
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        Re: FROM email - submitted data forms Question.

        Got it!! Thank you kindly! It's working perfectly!!!