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ABVFP sticking after making changes

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  • ABVFP sticking after making changes

    Stumped - I am making minor adjustments to forms created with ABVFP. After they are processed via Administrator Panel - neither the Close Window nor the Process Another Form button are working. I have to reload the whole page and re-login in for every change. This was working yesterday for me - please help. Also - can you please advise is there any limit as to how many ABVFP can handle.

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    Re: ABVFP sticking after making changes

    As you understand, the issue has nothing to do with ABVFP. I can't know what might be wrong but a script that works just fine for thusands of users and has worked just fine for you too till yesterday, can't just change behaviour like that.

    Did you make any changes ?
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