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  • making forms dissapear

    im new to posting on this forums. so be nice!

    i am trying to create a form that gets all the information i require for marketing on my website. i want the form to open on each page i decide to include it. i want the form to look like a pop up. (sit on top of everything else). i have had a play around today and i can get the form to dissapear when they click submit button. i can also get the information they input sent to my email address. the only thing is i can not get these to work together. its 1 or the other.

    i want them to input there information, click submit, stay on the same page but the form dissapears and get all the information sent to my email address.

    all ideas welcome.

    i dont know if this is even possible.

    thanks in advance


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    Re: making forms dissapear

    Process your form as usually.
    Set it to redirect to the "success" page after form submission. Place this code in the page HTML, End of Body, of the "success" page (that will also appear in the popup):

    <script type="text/javascript">

    2000 is 2 seconds. You can change it to whatever you like. However, some browsers will popup an alert window, asking confirmation for window closing, so you might as well simply add a "Close Window" button in your success page.
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