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  • Form question-

    Well I think I've finally gotten my "contact us" form to work properly after hours of trouble shooting. Thank you to BV and those of you who post solutions to problems here.

    But the question I have is that when I was testing the form page and purposely made a mistake I was not sent to the error page I created but instead had a small error message pop up on the contact form page. Example I didn't type in a name which I've set as required data, so a little window pops up and says Alert with my url and then says "Please enter name (which I specified).

    So my question is, is this correct? I rather like that as opposed to being directed to an error page that I would have to go back to previous page. I'd just like to know if I made my contact page correctly. I do get the thank you page after I enter all required fields and hit submit.

    Thanks in advance for your comments. My wesite is:

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    Re: Form question-

    Yes, this is correct. The error page will only show if a creach attampt is made or if the filesize (IF you have fileuploads) is bigger than the allowed.
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