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Adding Capcha to form

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  • VodaHost
    Re: Adding Capcha to form

    Hi, it appears that your captcha file did not upload when you published the page. Try opening the page again in BlueVoda, hit the publish button, then select the option Publish all files using the drop down Menu at the bottom of the publish window.

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  • Granite Engraver
    started a topic Adding Capcha to form

    Adding Capcha to form

    I think I have read most things available on the subject, but don't think I fully understand. I have used the >Insert>Form>Capcha route and have in fact got an image on the orderpage.

    It has an instruction which instructs to click for another image recurring.
    I'm sure there must be more to setting this up than what i have read and understood thus far.

    If we have, please direct me to a sort of tut for dummies if we have one.

    Thank you