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Problem with form wizard...

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  • Problem with form wizard...


    I think I have found a wierd behaviour about publishing the pages with form layout.

    I have deisgned a page and put a form layout in it to let the users to submit some information back to us. As expected, it is published as php automatically and it works well.

    Then, I have designed another page and copied the that form layout into new page and made some changes on it and published. when I have tested it and I saw that it not working. I have checked my ftp area and saw that the page was published with .html extension instead of .php extention.

    Then I have used form wizard and placed an empty form on the page and publihed. It was published as php as expected.

    So, I think I may say that, if you copy a form layout from one page to another and publish, the publishing algorithm does not recognize the form layout existence in the page. You have to place a form layout only by using form wizard.

    I thought that admin may wish to know of this problem to forward to BV developers.
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    Re: Problem with form wizard...

    HI, this is not a bug, when you copy and paste a form to a new page you bypass the insertion process of BlueVoda, and the page is not changed to PHP. In general, you should not copy and paste elements in BlueVoda as it can cause problems!


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