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  • secret page login

    I already created a contact form with no proplem. It is working well, but now im trying to make a page where visitors must answer to my quastion firs. if it's correct the page will redirect to the next page. If not correct an error page will show up.

    For exemple:

    This is a restricted site!
    You have to know what city i was born in to see the next page.

    Anyone can help me?

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    Re: secret page login

    You need to valid the form with a php script.
    Make a text field. Then do something like..

    $answer = $_POST['question'];
    if($answer == "New York")
    header("Location: worked.html");
    echo " This is a restricted site!<br>You have to know what city i was born in to see the next page.";

    In POST['question'] - question is the name of the text field

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      Re: secret page login

      Thank You!!