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  • a couple of questions

    hi, i am also one of the "first-time-website builders" and there are two things i couldn't find out. one of the 4 pages shows my email address which i linked with a mailto link. what do i need to do in addition so that the viewer can click on the address which will then direct him/her to his/her own email system to contact me?
    the last page contains an order form with a submit linked button at the end. what do i need to do that this form with all the ticked boxes gets subitted to my email address?
    thks a lot fr the help!!

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    Re: a couple of questions

    The first question i can answer but not the last i'm afraid as i don't use bluevoda myself.

    If you have got the email address as a hyperlink on you page the user just needs to click on the link and that will automatically send them to their own email software to send you an email. e.g if you wanted to be a hyperlink on your page you would make it a link by making the goto url . It will look like this . Click on the link and you will see it takes you to your email client. HTH
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      Re: a couple of questions

      Your form needs a script (php) to make it work. If, like many of us, you don't know much about writing scripts then I would highly recommend using the ABVFP v2 (Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor) that has been painstakingly prepared by our very own Navaldesign. You can read more about it and download it by clicking here. It is very easy to use and makes processing forms a piece of cake.


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