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Hyperlinking Color Problems

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  • Hyperlinking Color Problems

    Hey guys -- I am creating a new website and I am having problems getting my links to be different colors ... I understand the process (at least, i thought i did) ... i have added a style that has no underlines and is white in all four stages ... however, i can not get it to use that style ... when i publish the test page ... everything is green (i changed the page properties to all 4 being green) ... any suggestions? thanks guys


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      Re: Hyperlinking Color Problems

      where is all the helpful advice?


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        Re: Hyperlinking Color Problems

        I think you are expecting that we all sit here waiting for a question to answer? Be patient - all good things come to those who wait.

        Now, it would be easier if you gave a link to the page so we could see - but let me make sure you are using the style properly.

        When you highlight the text - and then you click on the hyperlink - then you type in the link - then you select the style that you created - then you click ok - then you have to publish the page for it to take effect.

        Also, make sure you named the style so it's got a different name.
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