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  • Linking pages

    I really have trouble linking pages in the same site. I have tried everything and still when I click the Documenten button on my website nothing happens. I have published it of course. Can anyone tell me what the solution could be to this problem?

    Website is

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    Re: Linking pages

    The most common cause of this kind of problem is slight differences between the link and the actual page name. Please carefully check for things like upper/lower case letters, - instead of _ and spelling.


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      Re: Linking pages

      I have checked that and now I can link to pages within the same site. The trouble for the last day has been to link to a document in the site. I have tried and looked at it from all sides but I can't seem to figure out what is going wrong. I have tried to make a link to a document on my documenten page and uploaded the file with the file manager into the public folder.

      Should the extension of the link be .doc (msword) or should it be .doc.html or only html. I guessed its just .doc but maybe I'm wrong. I really want to get on with getting my site fully accesible and working this weekend so I would like to have some info on my problem. Thanks.