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Linking pages offline?

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  • Linking pages offline?

    Hi guys,
    I am few weeks away from opening an account with Vodahost and have started working on a site using bluvoda...
    Can I link my site's pages to each other off-line for testing purposes? or do I have to wait until I open my hosting account?
    I looked through the tutorials but couldnt find any reference to this..
    I suppose its assumed that everyone will have an account already, which I fully understand..

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    Re: Linking pages offline?

    You can only preview each page individually without a vodahost account. Once you have a vodahost account and can publish all of your pages, then you will be able to see all your pages linked together.

    That's what I liked about bluevoda and vodahost when I started. I could take as much time as I needed to build my site for free, and then when I was ready, I purchased my Vodahost account. It was great once I was able to publish all my pages and see them live. I haven't looked back since!
    Cindy Smentowski


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      Re: Linking pages offline?

      ..thanks for the info dream lady!...
      I thought as makes no difference at all really, I can tell bluvoda is a great program, very smooth and stable so I dont expect any problems when I go online..

      I had trouble finding this thread by the way seeing as it was but I thought the pre-sales forum was more appropriate seeing as I'm not registered yet..

      Thanks again..