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quick question help!!

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  • quick question help!!

    when you are hyperlinking pages for example:
    do you have to start a new page just to make an about us page or do u stay on the home page?

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    Re: quick question help!!

    Your first page you create is your home page. But when save it, make sure you save it as "index" , all lower case and no extensions. It will save as a .bvp automatically. When you publish that page, it will publish automatically as an .html extension.

    Yes, you need to create a seperate page for your aboutus, contact, and any other pages you want to create. You will most likely link your index/home page with these other pages through the use of a navigation menu. When typing in the link info in the nav menu to these other pages, make sure you us the .html extension. Hope this helps!
    Cindy Smentowski


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      Re: quick question help!!

      thank you you have beenn a real help
      but i have another issue
      when i preview my website it doubles and messes up
      what do i do?


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        Re: quick question help!!

        I don't understand what you mean by doubles? You need to publish your page and post your url here so we can have a look. I assume you have a Vodahost account? If not, then you can't publish your bluevoda website.
        Cindy Smentowski


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          Re: quick question help!!

          ok when you make a new page do you have to make a new navigation bar for all pages


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            Re: quick question help!!

            Hi, what you can do is clone your 1st page & then just rename it to about_us.
            Regards Chris.

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              Re: quick question help!!

              how do you put music on the page


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                Re: quick question help!!

                Me-Shon: I would like to direct you to the main page of this forum, HERE. If you look down through the topics, you will most likely find your answers in any of these sub-forums. For adding music, please visit the Adding Elements to your Site; Once in there you can do a search for adding music. This topic has been covered in depth. If after doing searches in the forum, you are still unable to find your answers, then by all means, please post your question within the proper thread. Please see "how to ask for assistance" in my signature line below. thanks for your cooperation!
                Cindy Smentowski


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                  Re: quick question help!!

                  I typed in my navigation bar: and an error page showed up what do i do?


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                    Re: quick question help!!

                    Me-Shon: You are posting a LOT of very basic questions all over the place. Have you by chance watched all of the tutorials before building and trying to publish your pages? Please take the time to review ALL the TUTORIALS, SEARCH the various threads and then if you don't understand and need to ask a question, please do so by following the "How to ask for Assistance". (Click on the Blue highlighted text for more info on each of those topics!) I am going to paste the how to ask for assistance here now!
                    When asking for assistance for a problem related to your website or your Vodahost account.
                    It is imperative that you identify your domain name.

                    Posting threads that says....
                    Help, I can’t login to my control panel.
                    Why can't I see my website?
                    Why are my images not displaying correctly?
                    Why can't I publish?
                    Why are my hyperlinks not working?

                    Is NOT sufficient information.

                    This forum gets thousands of visitors every single day...We need to know who we are speaking to.
                    A forum username does NOT tell us who you are. It is impossiblefor us to assist you or diagnose
                    your issue, if you do not identify your websites domain name.

                    So simply saying "Heeeeeeelp! Why dont my links work?" is NOT CORRECT.

                    What you should say is…

                    My domain name is
           and my links don't work, can you please take a look.

                    The more information you provide the better.

                    1) Domain Name (or a link to the EXACT problem page).
                    2) A complete a detailed description of the problem.
                    3) If you have open support tickets on the topic. Please provide the ticket ID's for reference.

                    Please help us help you by providing as much information as possible.

                    Thank you in advance.

                    PS...Never Forget the VodaHost Motto...

                    “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan”
                    Cindy Smentowski