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simple question from simple scott

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  • simple question from simple scott

    all i wont to do is is set a link in my contact page.
    so when people click on the text email it comes up with with a box where they can write me an email.
    i dont know what the url address would be for the link

    cheers scott

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    Re: simple question from simple scott


    Have you seen the many tutorials available?

    Video tutorials about how to create an amazing website with the BlueVoda website builder, brought to you by VodaHost web hosting.

    Happy Building



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      Re: simple question from simple scott

      yes thankyou darren i have watched so many tutorials more than once most of them.
      Thats how i managed to build a beautiful website with vodahost
      In the end they drive you mad
      if the answer is in the tutorials i missed it sorry
      i have the answer anyway the url address has to start with mailto:
      followed by your email address for any one else who missed that tutorial


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        Re: simple question from simple scott

        Thats correct, glad you were able to find the answer on your own.
        How to add JAlbum to your site


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          Re: simple question from simple scott

          Hi honden,
          Was checking your site. Looks nice! Think you should stop the side scrolling. To do that set aoo your pages properties to 600 x 800 (or 1000 max). This way all your pages will fit in everybody's monitor!

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          t o u r s
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            Re: simple question from simple scott

            thanks for that nzbr
            didnt realize that
            building website on a 24" inch monitor
            its true what they say size isnt everything
            cheers again scott


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              Re: simple question from simple scott

              I too would like to add a means of emailing me.
              I have added a glass button called contact us - type mailto and URL is will this work? I haven't paid to upload yet as i am trying to prepare everything first, so it is difficult to tell if i have things right.
              will i get a lot of spam with this method? should i be doing something different.


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                Re: simple question from simple scott

                The mailto method will also work in preview as it relies to the visitor's email client (Outlook Express or other) to send the mail.

                Yes, since you post your email on the site, it is to be xpected that sooner or later your email address will get captured by spam bots so you will start recieving spam.

                You can hide your email address from bots:
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