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    Can anyone help me I have looked at the tutorials regarding the tabs, however closet one is Go tab, but I do not want the go part on their I want a drop down list similar so when a particular title is clicked on it goes to the page, any help would be much appreciated, I know the other style I have found is similar but still not what I am looking for, can this be done on blue voda?

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    Re: Tabs

    You are mixing up terms, and it is difficult to decipher your real issue.

    When it comes to Navigation, there is a Tab Menu system available where there are small "tab" blocks aligned horzintally across the page to hold the links to additional individual pages (and you enter those labelled pages and links to them via PROPERTIES of that Menu system).

    Then you speak of a "Go Menu" and somehow confuse it in the same sentence as a "Drop-Down" Menu (a very different tool) ... in all of these Navigational systems, you must double-click on them to open it to reveal the Properties Dialog, where you will enter individual page names, hyperlinks to those individual pages, and define the overall style and appearance of your system as well.

    If you are having difficulty choosing which Menu system to use (see options available from the BV Toolbar, INSERT > NAVIGATION), try inserting each one to play with, on at a time, to see which looks and does as you desire.
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      Re: Tabs

      Thank you I have taken your advice and found exactly what I was looking for