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personalized links for members

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  • navaldesign
    Re: personalized links for members

    There is no such feature built in the BV login script, you will need some custom coding for this.

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  • mgalaraga
    started a topic personalized links for members

    personalized links for members

    Hi. Im a complete newbie and I need help. This is about creating links: I need to create personalized links for my members under the same page url. this is what is going in mind....example i have a url that says: (yes without the www). then i have a member and i intend to give him a url that should say: and then whenever my members will change their username, the url changes accordingly with their new username. for example: where peterpan was changed from peterP. And all his url should change automatically without him changing individually. It will a lot of work if peter was provided with 30 pages.

    Please help.