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What is CSS?

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    Re: What is CSS?

    Originally posted by waveripper View Post
    I would be VERY VERY grateful to know if I can import a CSS - like an html?

    How can I do this?

    I love BV and there are so many beautiful CSS templates and I would love to use one. No offense - but the BV templates are ugly.

    Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
    It depends on your ability as to whether or not you can do this...Vodahost does not limit you on this aspect...and most make their own BV "templates" instead of using what is offered. The only limits, (besides the "obvious violations" of the TOS of Vodahost), are your own limits. And, if you do enough searching and reading in this community forum...along with outside learning sources, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

    P.S. And what you can't do....Well, there are many people here willing to help you with that...according to your budget.
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