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  • Waltmjr
    As with an earlier update I am again faced with the annoying and useless opening window demanding that I open a new or old page. If I want support or control panel or whatever, I have to go through delaying steps. Pablo last time gave me a registry fix to get around that window. May we have it again, please?

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  • VodaHost
    Yes...I must admit we timed the release of 7.0 to overlap with your holiday. Hands ups!
    You caught us.

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  • limebrook1
    Why do you do this to me? I am off on holiday tomorrow with no PC or laptop in site! Now you choose to launch this new version which sounds great! Problem is now, do I do the packing - or play with BV????

    Cheers Guys

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  • areginaweb
    I like bulevoda

    Having used several versions of Bluevoda to create web pages - it does make the job simple - yet still pays to have a good knowledge of html where practical. Because in my case I may take the Bluevoda script and add in other features such as different types of menu design.

    But overall to create a web page with a photograph image background and text takes moments to prepare - as to the examples I have already created. To look forward to upgrading the Bluevoda 7.0 - when knowing this is great software to utilize and I am a web creator who does not like using much in the way of software to make my web pages and create those designs I proceed with. Then Bluevoda is a good tool to have - that I do believe in complementing my own web creation skills.

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  • VodaHost
    Originally posted by Daniel6
    the website i was making on a older version of bluevoda. Will i be a able to still put the website on 7.0 and carry on making it.
    Yes..No Problem.

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  • Daniel6
    the website i was making on a older version of bluevoda. Will i be a able to still put the website on 7.0 and carry on making it.

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  • Maddog
    hello *****,

    when you use centre page setting, html boxs stay in the same place and the background, the text area moves great, but nothing else

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  • VodaHost
    The sliding menubars button is located just underneath the normal menubars button. It creates drop down menus. Its very easy to use. The same principle of menu bar creation applies as before.

    Just click and drag and double click..Your finishished product and themes are only
    visible in preview or publish mode.

    NOTE: Sliding menubars and normal menu bars are not cross compatible and can not
    be mixed together. But you can use both of them on the same page.

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  • Maddog
    What can be said *****.....awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    and when did you get time to go on holiday!!!!

    dave beat you to it lol

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  • racefan20
    The new features are awesome, and come just in time as I'm nearing completion on my site and these tools will come in very handy.

    I am curious about the Dynamic Sliding Menu Bars - are these supposed to act as drop down and/ or slide out menus? If so, could someone please explain how to use them? I can make one with no problem, but it is always visible.

    Thanks for the new tools added to an already outstanding package.

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    Thanks for releasing it today lol, we get to try it out befor the rest of the world wakes up........oh I mean Simon wakes up....

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  • Steven.H
    I'm excited to test out the features! I will get back to you on how I like 7.0, although I am sure I will love it.

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  • VodaHost
    started a topic BlueVoda 7.0

    BlueVoda 7.0

    After lots of hard work and testing BlueVoda 7.0 is ready for release.

    What's New in 7.0? Lots!

    The below are fixes...

    - Fixed: Clipboard paste in HTML dialog.
    - Fixed: Improved automatic document size adjustment.
    - Fixed: Center alignment (centers in specified page size, instead of windows size).
    - Fixed: Special characters are now hex-encoded.
    - Fixed: Several compatiblity issues with FireFox
    - Fixed: Detailed information for publish errors


    The below are completely new features...

    - Added: File Publisher component (Advanced Menu)
    - Added: Verify links tool (Tools menu)
    - Added: Text Formatting menu (Format Menu)
    - Added: Remove formatting for text(Format|Remove formatting)
    - Added: Maintain aspect ratio for images (drag the bottom-right image handle).
    - Added: Option to edit table cells properties in one operation (select the table (but not a cell) and click Cell Properties.
    - Added: Statusbar now display position and size of objects!
    - Added: Cool Rulers.
    - Added: Character set selection in Page Properties
    - Added: Center in browser option (in Page Properties)
    - Added: Hyperlink Style Sheet, which allows you to customize the colors of hyperlinks
    - Added: Rotating image component
    - Added: Dynamic Sliding Menubars
    - Added: Option to import existing HTML pages!!! (New Page|From Existing HTML Page)

    Short introduction to the new features....

    1. New Page from Existing HTML Page.

    Create a new web page based on an existing webpage. You can either select a local HTML file or a URL of an online website. Although BlueVoda is NOT an HTML editor,
    you can import existing HTML pages.

    Select New Page|From Existing HTML Page from the menu to display the Import HTML page window.

    You can either select an HTML page from your local drive or specify a URL of an online website. Click OK to start importing the page. BlueVoda will automatically copy all
    images to your local drive.

    Important notes about importing HTML:

    BlueVoda is not an HTML editor, but an HTML generator! BlueVoda imports the HTML by rendering the contents of an existing page and then attempts to convert the layout to BlueVoda's internal object format.

    The import feature currently only imports text, images, form elements and body attributes (link colors, background images, meta tags). Tables, scripts, stylesheets and multimedia components are not imported. But in most cases this is good enough to get you started.

    BlueVoda does not parse style sheets, so is some cases the text may look different than the original page.

    BlueVoda currently doesn't support framesets. If you want to import a web page that's using frames you'll have to import all individual pages separately.

    It is very difficult to support all different types of HTML. Even the populair browsers will interpret HTML differently, so don't expect miracles. If a page fails to be imported it probably contains code that BlueVoda doesn't understand and you still have to start from scratch.

    Importing web pages created with BlueVoda will give the best results!

    2. Rotating Image

    You can use the Rotating Image object to display different images in succession in the same place on the web page. For example, you could rotate among several images that advertise new products or display advertisements for oher web sites.

    For more details about the Rotating Image object see Rotating Image Properties.
    To add a rotating image, click the Add-button. You can also assign a link to each the image.Click Edit to change the properties of an image or Remove to remove it from the

    You specify the number of seconds to pause before displaying the next image in the sequence.

    Move Up: Move the selected image one place up.

    Move Down: Move the selected image one place down.

    3. Hyperlink Style Sheet

    By default all hyperlinks in your webpage use the default HTML link colors (link:blue, visited:purple, active: red).But since CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) where introduced,
    more and more websites use different colors to create better looking layouts.

    BlueVoda gives you the option to customize the way hyperlinks will be displayed in the browser by introducing the Hyperlink Style Sheet Editor.

    Click Add to add a new hyperlink style.Each hyperlink style allows you to customize
    the colors for all four hyperlink states:

    Linked (default: blue, underlined)

    Visited (default: purple, underlined)

    Active (default: red, underlined)
    Hover (default: blue, underlined)

    Besides the colors you can also change the bold, underline and italic formatting.Each
    style must be saved with a unique name.

    In the Link Properties window you can attach this name to a link.Click Edit to modify an
    exisiting style and Remove to delete it from the list.

    Example: Removing the underlining from a link.

    1. Create a new style and clear the underline checkbox for all 4 states.
    2. Name the style 'no_underline'
    3. Click OK to save.
    4. Select a link and change the Style from the dropdown list to 'no_underline'
    5. Publish or preview the page to view the effect.

    Note: the link style becomes active when you publish or preview your page. BlueVoda will always show links in blue.

    4. Character Set

    The character set tells the browser how to interpret and display the characters on your webpage. Depending on the language of the text on the page it might be necessary to force the browser to another character set. The most common used character sets are: ISO-8859-1 (ANSI) and UTF-8 (UNICODE).

    5. Center in browser

    Enabling this option will center the published page in the browser window.

    6. Dynamic Sliding Menubars

    Adding a Dynamic Sliding Menubar in BlueVoda is really easy. Just add a few buttons, assign the links and set the style for the menu using the style tab.

    Select Add to insert a new item to the menubar.

    Text: text of the item

    Link type: type of link usually http:

    URL: the URL (Internet Address) to which the button will link

    Target: Enter the window to which the link is targeted. For example: _blank (opens the link in a new window).

    Select Edit to modify the properties of an existing item.

    To remove an itemn from the MenuBar select Remove.

    You can rearrange the items in the menu you can use drag and drop to move the items around.

    The Insert Split button inserts a splitter/divider in the menu.

    Layout: The Menu Bar can be either Vertical or Horizontal.

    Style: To change the appearance of the menubar either select a predefined theme of select Default to edit the menubar colors and text formating.

    Note the effect of the selected theme will only be visible in the browser. So you'll have to preview or publish the page first.

    7. Verify Links

    This option scans your documents for links and displays them in a list.You can choose
    to edit them or press the Verify button to validate their current state.

    Possible states:

    Not verified - not verified yet

    Validated URL - URL is valid

    URL not found - URL is not valid (or currently not reachable)

    This tool can be handy when you want to verify all your links so you don't have to verify them one by one.


    The Good News - 7.0 Download Links
    7.0 is very cool and as close to perfection as you can get. You will love it!

    Click Here to download the zipped version of 7.0

    You will need to have WinZip installed on your computer for the above version. If you do
    not have WinZip installed. Click Here now.

    Click Here to download the unzipped version of 7.0 ( No WinZip Needed)

    Install directly over any previous versions.

    The Bad News
    7.0 has so many new features we are still working on the tutorials. If you need any help
    with any of the new features please ask for it here in this thread. Do not open a support
    ticket for it.


    PS. My family and I just got back from the Costa Del Sol in Spain. I will be posting my
    holiday photos shortly. (I know you can't wait to see them!)

    Last edited by VodaHost; 09-14-2005, 10:25 AM.