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How To Add Facebook "Like" Button To BlueVoda Pages

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  • How To Add Facebook "Like" Button To BlueVoda Pages

    How To Add The Facebook "Like" Button To BlueVoda Pages

    You will COPY+PASTE the proper HTML code into an HTML Box in Blue Voda which will then create the correct "Like" button and function without requiring Visitors to leave your website.

    1. You will first need to visit the Facebook Developer section and generate the proper HTML Code (which I suggest you immediately paste onto a new Word document and save separately for use later if needed on different pages).
    Use this link for the proper Facebook area to generate your specific code >
    The FB Tool will generate 2 different Code Snippets: one in HTML (the Page Code), and one in Javascript (the Button Code)

    You will add the generated HTML code to your BlueVoda Page (from the Toolbar): EDIT > HTML > BEGINNING OF BODY Tab > Paste HTML

    In an open BlueVoda page you want to install the FB Like button, use the Toolbar icon or command INSERT > HTML to create a new HTML Box on your page.

    4. Double-click on the BlueVoda HTML Box to open it, and paste in the generated Javascript 'Button' code.

    5. Close the HTML Box, re-size it to a more manageable size, and re-position it as desired.
    * Be sure that your HTML Box is well within the borders of your web page, as the FB iFrame function extends approximately 1" to the right in addition to the apparent outlines of any button, and if this extends "off your page" it will conflict with your page being "Centered in Browser" and will require you to either re-size your HTML Box a bit bigger and/or re-position it properly entirely within page borders.

    6. Save page, Publish page.

    * Duplicate the above processes for EACH PAGE of the website.

    * The Facebook "Like" button will display in Preview, but will function only after the page is published.

    If you wish to simply LINK your BlueVoda pages to your Facebook page, follow the instructions HERE
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
    * Success Is Potential Realized *