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Linking BlueVoda Pages to Facebook Page

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  • Linking BlueVoda Pages to Facebook Page

    Linking BlueVoda Pages to Facebook Pages Options

    The simplest and most stable way to link your BlueVoda webpages to your Facebook page (which allows Visitors the ability to explore your Facebook page, "Like" it if they choose to, and otherwise engage them freely) is to use a simple hyperlink function set to open in a new Tab in the Visitor's browser. By configuring links to open your Facebook page in a new browser Tab, Visitors are less inconvenienced and not "forced" to leave your website, and, by keeping your website open in front of them while they look to the side allows a greater depth to your online "relationship" to serve long term interests better develop uninterrupted.

    The best results are produced using a Facebook icon placed nearer to the top of your webpage, if not in the Header area itself. There are many styles of icons to use, and many types to choose from that will best compliment your site design. If you Google for Facebook Icons, you can select and save one to your local hard drive to use indefinitely.

    A. visit your Facebook page that you will be linking to, and "refresh" your browser 2-3 times which will reduce the page's URL showing in the browser addressbar to the "shortened," basic form (without the "referring" data attached);
    B. Next, from the browser addressbar COPY the shortened URL shown completely, saving it to a Word document to save on your hard drive for easy access and unlimited use later.

    Simple Icon Image Link Method

    1. Insert onto your BlueVoda webpage the Facebook icon you wish to use by either using the Toolbar Insert Image Icon or the command INSERT > IMAGE

    2. Click once on your Facebook image to 'select' it, and then use the Hyperlink Toolbar Icon or the command INSERT > HYPERLINK which will then open the Hyperlink Dialog

    3. PASTE the your Facebook Page URL that you saved earlier into the URL field, and set "Target" to " _blank " (this makes browser open a new Tab when link is clicked) and then click OK to exit the Hyperlink Dialog.

    4. You can position the image as desired on your page. Save your page, then Publish.

    Icon Image Link With Mouseover Text

    1. Insert onto your BlueVoda webpage the Facebook icon you wish to use by either using the Toolbar Insert Image Icon or the command INSERT > IMAGE

    2. Position the image on your page in the final position desired.

    3. Insert onto your BlueVoda page a SHAPE using the Toolbar Icon or the command INSERT > SHAPE

    4. Double-click on the Shape to open the Properties Dialog:
    ...a. select the proper shape design to match your Facebook icon you are linking;
    ...b. set "Fill" as TRANSPARENT;
    ...c. reduce "Outline" to '0' to eliminate completely;
    ...d. in the "ALT Text" Field, enter some text that Visitors will see upon mouseoever, something to invite them to visit your Facebook page like maybe "MY COMPANY on FACEBOOK";
    ...e. Click on the LINK Tab in Shape Properties Dialog, and PASTE in the URL of your Facebook page you saved earlier;
    ...f. Click "OK" to save settings and exit the Shape Properties Dialog

    5. Re-position this transparent Shape directly over your Facebook icon, and re-size to be slightly larger than the icon itself to fully cover it (but not smaller than the outlines of the icon). *You must always be sure this linked shape is properly "ordered" on the page to the TOP for it to function properly: you can always verify or correct this by right-click on the shape and clicking "Bring To Front"

    6. Save the page to preserve new changes, and Publish.

    If you wish to add the Facebook "Like" button to your BlueVoda pages, follow the instructions HERE
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
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