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  • Facebook "Liked" image

    When I got the Facebook book button displaying on my website, I asked a friend to like it so I could see if it was working properly. It worked and on her wall was the message - yadayada recommends a link. Following that was my website details with an image of a button from my website.
    My question is, How do I change that image of the button to my business logo?
    My website is

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Facebook "Liked" image

    For the Facebook "LIKE" function to work properly, you must use the script they provide, and at this time, they do not provide an option to substitute their Branded 'Like' Button ... you can, however, use your image to link from your BlueVoda page to a Facebook Personal or Business Page as described in the Tutorial Tip below:

    > How To Add Facebook "LIKE" Function To BlueVoda Pages

    > Facebook "LIKE" Developer API Resources

    > Linking BlueVoda Pages to Facebook Page (using your own image with/without mouseover text)
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      Facebook "Liked" image Part 2

      Thank you for answering Vasili, unfortunately this does not help me. As far as I can tell the Facebook "Like/Recommend" button is working as it should. ie You click on it, the counter increases by 1 and opens up a message box, when the user clicks "Post to Facebook", it gets posted to Facebook.

      It is not that I want to change the Facebook "Like/Recommend" icon, just the image that is posted on the users wall after that user has "Liked/Recommended" the page. Here is a link to a picture that shows the image I want to change.

      The circled image is the button from my website, I want to show my logo there rather than the button.

      I have explored Step 2 from the Facebook developers webpage "Get Open Graph Tags" and put in all the relevant information and uploaded it to the website only to find that it does not change the image.....I would have thought it should, but it is not changing it.

      Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.



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        Re: Facebook "Liked" image

        Ah! You were talking about GraphTags and how you can integrate the LIKE function more completely on User's Walls once they "LIKE" your web page!

        You need to know a bit more about GraphTags, and where they function, and how they are intended to function: it will only change/post the image/Logo display upon the Facebook page itself of the User "Liking" your page and include the "graph tag data" that has been selected by you and the META/GraphTags properly created, providing there is anchoring content on the page as well (number of Users who liked the page, Admins of the page, type of business, Contact info, etc.), but will not change the display on your website, for instance. *It is important to keep in mind that when creating any type of META - including the FB GraphTags - it must all be page-relevant (anchored) for the Search Engines not to kick it out as "non-compliant or suspect" and otherwise penalize your site, despite any integrated features specifically functionalized for Facebook.

        Follow the explanation(s) below very carefully to achieve the desired effectiveness of Facebook GraphTags (an information-sharing and interaction-measuring device for FB page displays):
        > Graph Tag Protocol
        > OpenGraph Protocol 2012

        Personally, although it looks 'cool' on people's FB pages, I don't generally use GraphTags on my sites, as they need to be meticulously updated each and every time a page itself is updated or changed, and bottom line, the benefits of "deeper User interaction" do not pan out as they are billed: people will read posts from a business page only if they see it in their Newsfeed anyway, and to have a "pretty" notice that a friend "LIKED" a certain Web Page is not as inflouential as you might initially think. Too much effort for far too little benefit, IMO. For example, you don't see it on the big sites like Time, CNN, FOX News, etc. (for the same basic reason) so why is it so important for Lenny's Landscaping or Pete's Pets to have it on theirs?? Exactly ....
        Besides ... FB itself benefits more from this info than you do as they compile such metrics to sell to other operators ... you are only thinking you are doing something clever and essential, when really you are doing much of their work for them!
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