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Facebook button strangely appears

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  • Facebook button strangely appears

    Hi there guys,
    I placed the fb code as I read it in the instructions but when the page load the button pops to a big white squere then become the normal fb button. What could be the reason? I tried with different codes both html5 and Xfmbl, I also resize it and checked the box many times but nothing seems to work.

    the site is under construction but I placed on the home page the button so u can see the problem :

    Any idea appreciate it! Thx

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    Re: Facebook button strangely appears

    I see the problem appear only in Chrome but not in MF or IE...great


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      Re: Facebook button strangely appears

      1. Chrome syncs with Google in that it will not display a page entirely until it has been properly cached, and unfinished sites (or sites with many broken links or missing pages) will not be fully cached outright.

      2. Part of how Chrome syncs with Google is utilizing the unique relationship of foundations, meaning you must be logged into G+ while using Chrome to see buttons "active" on a published page .... (in addition to the shifting 'colors' being an indication of not only being Logged in, but "status" also -- whether or not you have personally "plussed" it -- unlike FB which indicates an aggregate, Chrome/G+ indicates "personal" interactions only, thus the color shift with the pop-up notice/prompt).

      3. Each page you "recommend" using G+ will be added to your List on your G+ Page, and be visible to others visiting your Profile. if the site appears in any position on your Google Searches due to the parameters of your Search, it will also be indicated that you have personally 'recommended' it. This Net-wide indication is only visible to you (provided you are Logged in to Chrome/G+) whereas the List on your G+ Profile page is the only place others can see what sites or pages you have indicated as "worthy of note."

      Obviously, you need to be more active in G+ to fully understand the Purpose and manner in which the G+ buttons work and the results each produces.

      * For an active variation of the G+ function, click on 'Luxury Group' in my Signature below to better illustrate a properly published pair of G+ buttons (one on the left is the G+ recommendation, the other at right delivers to the G+ Page, and most G+ Users know which icon does what).

      NOW ... about your Facebook LIKE Button ....

      The Facebook LIKE Button is available in different sizes and formats (some show total LIKES and others do not), but all appear "Greyed" after being clicked by a single User, indicating you have already used it (and Facebook allows only 1 "LIKE" per web page, just as they allow you only one LIKE of any Facebook page). THIS is the difference you are apparently seeing with the different colorations of the Facebook Buttons: usage by you, a single User. Both G+ and Facebook LIKE allow you to unlike/un-recommend by clicking it again, but Facebook would still show the original Status post of being LIKED which you would need to manually delete off your Wall.

      Facebook Buttons, like G+, display differently depending if you are Logged in or not as this is required info if either is to know where to "send" the LIKE or RECOMMEND .... Chrome especially is a browser that limits many features depending on this sync, and prefers you to SIGN IN and stay signed in (to Chrome/G+ and Facebook both) that you may have a richer overall experience (and that they may glean more precise trending data from you they can monetize).

      (I made sure that every Tip or Tutorial that details how to utilize the "G+," "Facebook LIKE" or other dynamic link clearly emphasizes that hyperlinks, many types of scripts, and other dynamic functions will not work (or be visible) in PREVIEW simply because it is based on a local System only, not upon a solid actual Net reality.)
      . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
      * Success Is Potential Realized *


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        Re: Facebook button strangely appears

        thx for the info...

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