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  • Help My Browser is Caching

    Browser Caching

    You swore you just published the page.

    Why is it the same?
    Why has it not changed?

    So you try to publish it again and it still has not changed. What is going on? Are you going crazy?

    The good new is that you are NOT going crazy.
    The bad news is that your browser is caching.

    This means your browser is clogged up and is refusing to recognize the new version of a page.
    To un-clog your browser try the below....

    1) Close down all browser windows.
    2) Open a fresh browser window.
    3) Go to the page that refuses to change.
    4) Hit the “f5” button on your keyboard a couple of dozen times very fast. This will cause the page
    to refresh and hopefully un-clog.

    Repeat the above process 2-3 times with a fresh browser window. If that does not work, click the
    below link to download a piece of free software called cCleaner...

    Install and run cCleaner twice and repeat the above.


    It is recommended that you run cCleaner at least every two weeks to keep your system fresh.
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