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  • Need Advice

    I'm not sure if using Blue Voda is the right idea for my site any more. So far I have only seen business like sites made here. I'm making a fan site for video games. However I have not seen anything on this forum that has non-business sites.

    Should I still use Blue Voda? If so why? If not what options should I use?

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    Re: Need Advice

    I have a couple of sites that are non-business. But I don't see the difference in what type of site you have - you build it and you publish it.
    Unless you're wanting to host video games and have people play them online? You'd better wait for some of the pros to respond to that.

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      Re: Need Advice

      BV is just a website builder, it has no preference to the type of sites it can make. The main things you need for a video game fansite, a forum, won't even use BV.

      And just wondering, what game(s) are you making a fansite for?

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        Re: Need Advice

        I'm making a MegaMan fansite. However my forums will be open for all games, sports, politics, general, rpg makers/projects, ect.

        So far I have 12 or 13 pages finished.