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phpBB forum being spammed

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  • phpBB forum being spammed

    How do you stop idiots using a forum for spamming purposes? Delete the forum? Other?

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    Re: php forum being used for spamming purposes

    You must simply invest more of your time and effort to ADMINISTRATE your forum by restricting or otherwise predicating how people create their Profiles (even if you must set things so you must Approve each application) and qualify for Forum Permissions. Think about it, and make the changes appropriately to reflect your Standards.

    You can also explore the phpBB Forums site for useful Mods to add to your Forum, many of which expand your preferences automatically.

    Forums require minimal administration -- no way around it. Even this Forum has trusted members appointed as Moderators to work as a Team to manage the Forum, to prune off Spam, to Ban offenders, etc.
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