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I am needing to know A few things

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  • I am needing to know A few things

    1. I am making a website for user upload of photos w/text (using your Form maker Pro) descriptions and short Videos. Also a Forum. Do I need to have an app made for users or how can I do this for users to make uploads ?

    2. Currently I am using Mobirise to create the site that possible to use as well? Or ???

    Note : I am asking now before I purchase the needed items from you. I am a returning customer...

    Thanks you for your help.

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    Re: I am needing to know A few things


    1) Form Maker Pro would not work for this, you would need to find a script that allows for user uploads or contact a programmer to write one for you. We do have forums that you can use via fantastico that are ready to be installed on your account. Depending on how you set up your forum your users could upload the iamges and descriptions there.

    2) Yes, you can use sites designed with Mobirise on our servers.


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