Please follow the below instructions for the smooth installation of Soholanch.

To Install Soholaunch

1) Login to your control panel and click on fantastico. Fantastico is the
little blue smily face that you will find at the bottom right hand side of
your control panel...

2) Go down to about the middle of the page and click the link that says

Soholaunch Pro Edition
>> Next Click >> New Istallation

Enter a username and password and click "Install Soholaunch Pro edition"

Thats it! Your Done....

Next login it the Soholaunch control panel and start building your website.
Please, Please, Please...Click Here to watch the tutorials first.

If you already have a website on your main "root" account. Please Click Here
to submit a support ticket and ask for a complete account reset.

You can not install Soholaunch on a directory that already has a website on it
Soholaunch requires a clean directory.

You can only have one installation of Soholaunch per account.