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BV and cube cart together

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    Re: BV and cube cart together

    Ok, I'm back. Couldn't get in here much yesterday at all. Hi KM, ( do you have a real name ?)sounds like we're both on the same track. My train however, sometimes gets derailed, but I'm getting it too. ( I think). Yup, these guys in here have been great to me. We're so lucky to have this forum and people who actually know what they're talking about. I really like BV too and love the looks I'm getting in it. I started playing with cart manager yesterday, but hubby home this weekend, so I'm getting nothing done. Boys!!! humphhh!!

    Anyway, it really takes alot of reading and research to figure it all out. Just like Bethers said, I don't want to do it and then have to re-do it. I want to do it right the first time. I really expected her to ready through my puter and smack me the other day. Hay, I'm blond, it takes a little longer for us.

    Ok, going back to work on cm now, Thanks KM for your good luck. Same to you. We can work our little pea brains off together.



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      Re: BV and cube cart together

      Hi Susan,
      I'm still alive, so you're I've bugged them to death.
      I agree with you about this being a great forum. I've only been a member about 3 or 4 weeks. I've learned a lot in that time.
      Susan, have you tried the Chat Forum? You can just chit chat about anything in that one. The KM5TQ is my ham radio call sign. My real name is Glenna. I use my middle name for the name of my website.
      Welllll, my Mother thought I was a
      Keep on plugging along,,,we'll get there at some point.
      Cunningham-Staggs-Brown-Moore-Bristow-Jackson..just a few I'm researching