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  • VodaHost
    Re: Hosting Account Info

    Hi Alien Dude,

    1) 100 GB disk space and Unlimited bandwidth for $44.95 a month, is the total disk space allocated to that particular reseller account. You may chop it up as you desire. A hosting company can not offer unlimited disk space on a reseller account, this would put them out of business.

    2) You do not have to remove your forum signature, your clients may also use this forum for issues.

    3) VodaHost does not restrict what type of web builder people use. Only about 50% of our customers use the Bluevoda website builder. You are free to use any software you like.

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  • Alien Dude
    started a topic Hosting Account Info

    Hosting Account Info

    After going though the hosting info in have one or two questions regarding a hosting account.

    1/ if i was to take up the Diamond option, with 100 GB disk space and Unlimited bandwidth for $44.95 a month, What does the 100GB disk space mean, is this what i get in total for all the websites i place on their, or is that the max i can over any one clients.
    reason being it says unlimited domains now if it is the first option then i have four myself taking up in total 36gb and one of my clients websites takes up a massive 62gb leaving me 2GB LOL

    2/ as this would be our hosting would that mean that any member of this forum or any future clients of mine or any other member taking up the reseller hosting have to remove there signature or in fact be aloud to post on this forum,
    Or would it be that we would have to install our own information forum.

    3/ it was mentioned that the bluevoda software would not be in the packages.
    does this mean we as hosters can offer what ever website builder we wish or would there be restrictions.

    Any insight into these question would be grateful