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Well Heres the final look on our website

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  • Well Heres the final look on our website

    Now mind ya i placed some ads on my website but no popups those are basically adsense to help try to confinsate in some revenue due to hard times.

    but the thing i want everyone to look at basically is our banner i had to train myself in working with adobe flash to make a banner with moving fog and dark clouds over a static jpg let me know what you think good or bad ...oh i also have a poll on it as well for people to choose from 2 banners we like so the first one that hits 100 is the one we are keeping lol.


    at we have added a advertisement page on there that people who has a business and would like to have us advertise them during our show they can pick a package or they can use our pixel ad for 0.05 cents per pixel if they choose the pixel they have access to how long they want it to be on etc. my only request to anyone (not meaning you all lol) is no porn or adult sites will be on the pixel ads page due to i will remove them and refund their money back.


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    Re: Well Heres the final look on our website

    Im only looking at this from a design point of view. I like the colours you have chosen, they work with the theme. You have also minimised the font colours to just two, well done. Can you add photography to the index page to lenghten the content down to the bottom of the page that way people are more likely to click on the links down there. The content is also off centre from your heading which looks slightly strange. The banner is very atmospheric but you have an issue with the font. I can see why you have added the 'stroke' (outline) as some letters would disappear, however I think you should lose it on the strap line as white will look far 'cleaner'.
    From a design point of view though...a fine looking site with feel. NIce one.

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      Re: Well Heres the final look on our website

      Could be just my broadband speed but took ages to load,
      The fog is well done,
      Nice Site
      Were not there yet but were getting there!!!
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        Re: Well Heres the final look on our website

        Good Job, now center it...ha Ha
        Sharon Chajin


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          Re: Well Heres the final look on our website

          You have placed the adds on the right side.ok. But they go all the way to the end of the page leaving a huge black area on the left side. Why don't you 'split' them so they have the same hight in both sides?

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