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My First Ever B.V. Website

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  • My First Ever B.V. Website

    Yes, it is the one that was made in soho.

    But it's new, fresh and willing !

    I succeeded to re-build it entirely in BV, re-saved every page, and published it,
    NOT without the precious help of VH veterans, whom I thank once again here...

    Finally, I've got what I needed : a much simpler checkout process for my customers.
    Good bye to the soho's six to seven steps in the checkout process
    (even for buying a house you wouldn't need such a looong checkout process !)...

    Well, here's my caricaturist website.

    I made quite a big header, because I wanted to have such one, from a long time ago.
    For the moment, I keep it as it is...but I guess I'll get bored and make a "smaller" one.

    Many find the "glass" boxes and buttons "cheesy", but I don't. I like this aspect very much.

    In the coming days, I will "populate" this site with more drawings/caricatures/characters.

    Tell me what you think...I'm all ears (and eyes).

    Thank you.