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  • Revamped website

    Hi all,

    I have made a few changes to the website and the pages are growing.
    I would appreciate if you could check that links open as and when their supposed to and spelling mistakes. Other than that things are going well and i have customers :)

    Thank you,
    Clair and Steven

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    Re: Revamped website

    you asked specifically for a links check......on your index page you have some text marked in blue:
    Domestic Cleaner In Norwich | Cleaning Service In Norwich ........ Domestic Cleaning Service in Norwich and in grey: domestic cleaner OK it's blue now but on your page it's light grey! The first doesn't link - not sure if you wanted that or not? The second changes to green on mouse over & the grey changes to the light blue that you use in the first. I think there is a need for some consistency here?? :) The links themselves do work!
    At the bottom:
    house cleaning service in Norwich.
    Online Payments:
    back to this page for referral of payment dates.
    FAQ: (#2)
    Yes. We can (#3) No. We...........out to do an errand (#4) Yes. For (#5) Yes. We
    Agreement: to provide an emergency cleaner..................We have had no accidents to date.
    Domestic Cleaning: still use a communal Hoover. I would be careful about using brand names - maybe Vacuum-cleaner would be better? Also on this page: during our domestic cleaning service in Norwich.
    Spring Clean: Does your home require
    After Build Clean:
    We can come in and rid the place
    Window Cleaning: industry (no para break) to give you great results each time.
    Helpful Tips: Oh-Oh! Here you have some BIG problems!
    1. Keeping baths clean & Stainless steel surfaces are not linked
    2. Along the very bottom of the page you have what look like keywords & underneath is this: Click Cleaners - Cleaners at the click of a mouse
    3. & this is the worst! Every "tip" when clicked brings up some very strange advertising?! On one for weight loss, when I ckicked it I got a severe warning: dangerous site! message. So, something not right with this page.
    .....and finally: from the
    "Write Testimonials" page there is only a link back to "Testimonials" - intentional or not?
    Otherwise - really nice job & good to hear you're attracting customers
    Good luck,

    Never measure the height of the mountain you're climbing. At the summit, look back and see how small it really is!


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      Re: Revamped website

      Only a personal thing, but i think the background looks a little odd repeating on itself. You can try placing the code below between the head tags to see if it looks better.

      <style type="text/css">
      body {background-image: url(http://www.sycamore-cleaning-service...ckground.gif); background-repeat:repeat-x;;background-position:left top;}
      Regards Chris.

      Collectables, Collecting,

      House build project


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        Re: Revamped website

        Looks good. My only thing is perhaps change the picture from page to page. She's a pretty lady and all that, but a change of image keeps the page fresh and different and visually shows the visitor they have actually changed pages.

        Nice job
        Happy Building



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          Re: Revamped website

          Hi Clair and Steven

          You've done a good job of presenting your site & information.

          Just a small thing - I found the fast 'sideways swipe' page transitions quite distracting. It might be best without the page transitions?

          I think this "We are already key holders for 90&#37; of our customers"
          says a lot for your business. You could even use that as a big bold tagline - just under your navigation.

          Sometimes, less text is easier for people to read. There's a lot to read on the home page. But I do like it that you gave a backstory of your business - you sound genuine.