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    Re: New Sites

    Hi Kevin,
    in addition to the above I noticed the following:

    Contact us: the word regarding is misspelled 4 times ie: reguarding
    Advertisement boards: I assume these texts were submitted by the advertisers, yes? Because there are many grammatical & spelling errors. Either you must proofread these ads first or, if not enough time, request that the advertisers themselves check the above thoroughly before submitting their text. It reflects on you, no matter whose fault it may be.
    Conroe's boating - Equipment for sale: what you're looking for
    Psychic circle - all pages have a lot of side-scroll...check your page width. As with my comments above re advertisers' text - if the texts for these sites are submitted by the customers then, either you MUST proofread them yourself first or have them realise that any text they submit will be published "AS IS" & you will take no responsibility for any errors of grammar, punctuation &/or spelling. On Tarot readings, for example, I found 3 mistakes in just the first 4 lines!!!
    Louisiana Bayou Power: Your should be you're - 2 times!
    Lawn Service Solutions: side-scroll
    Paint Service Solutions: ditto
    B&E Furniture - Contact Us: ........what you're looking for.......... OK, this particular error keeps cropping up on all your sites, so I can only presume it's YOUR mistake?? (If you want to say "you are" then it's abbreviated to "You're". Your is possessive as in 'Your book.....Your website' etc.)
    Klassic Furniture: side-scroll
    OK, that's it! But good work....
    good luck,

    Never measure the height of the mountain you're climbing. At the summit, look back and see how small it really is!


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      Re: New Sites

      Thank you david for catching those errors, I will get on that asap.