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  • Anyone that can Hello?

    Hello, I was here many years ago and know there are some very good programmers' here. I want to build a picture uploading site it's a fine it site well found. See I drive a mini horse for transportation and many people take picture of us I want to make a site that they can upload their picture and people can vote on what one they like the most. there will be a fee to upload, and 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes please contact me if interested in helping me build this.
    thank you,


    Hi this, is a picture contest site. I have been talking to the locals about it and they are existed for it to be done. I inform them it's a $5.00 entry fee with a 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes. And they like it so could i get a little help. I am willing to give 5% of what the site makes to you for a year if you can get it automated. what is needs is member registry, member log in, image upload to voting page, on voting page the frames should have a purple heart that lights up on mouseover to pink and on click turns red if they click a different image then the first should go back to purple and the new on turn red. upload stop Thursday at 12:00pm the voting stops Saturday at 12:00PM Eastern time. winers posted Sunday morning right after votes counted. The site will up cash app for payments and giving winnings if you look 1st place is 25% 2nd place is 15$ and 3rd 10% of the entry fees. You would get 5% of them each time.


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