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    I own and run Well known throughout the Vodatalk forum, I provide custom programming for al those cases where a commercial script simply won't do the job. I specialize in Database driven scripts writen in PHP. Applications that I usually build are:

    Forms: with built in antispam and highjack protection, autoresponder, File uploads, Ajax driven dependent dropdowns, Database data store etc. Special Order forms, standalone or in combination with my Shopping Cart.

    Directories: Bussines directories, Articles directories, Link Directories, whatever you might think of.

    Shopping Carts: Customized to suit EXACTLY your BlueVoda - or other sitebuilder- site theme, from simple ones to full carts including Inventories, Reports, Statistics, Alerts, with full database management interface.
    Instant Download Cart. When some of the features of commercial carts are too much, and instead, others, necessary for you, are missing.

    Instant Download Carts: for e-products, that need to be immediately downloaded after payment. With built in Upload Manager, Add to Cart code creator, Secure Download, and more... Specifically built to match EXACTLY your site theme.

    Membership Scripts: Secure areas within your site. Create member only areas. With self registration, user editable account details, Subscription Manager, Group Access, Customizable Emails, Admin set account activation and more....

    Other scripts like Online booking Systems, Mortgage sites, Real Estate sites, Cars sites and more...

    I also created Logger Lite, a low cost Login script with al the necessary features to start a membership site. Easy, user friendly interface, and script pages in BlueVoda, to allow you to give your membership script the same look as the rest of your site.

    Feel free to contact me for any type of script that you might need. Full 24/7 support and clear instructions on integration with BlueVoda (or other site builder).
    Logger Lite: Low Cost, Customizable, multifeatured Login script
    Instant Download Cart: a Powerfull, Customized, in site, DB driven, e-products Cart Forms, Databases, Shopping Carts, Instant Download Carts, Loggin Systems and more....
    Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor : No coding form processor! Just install and use! Now with built in CAPTCHA!