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    My training and specialty lies in Search Engine Optimization.

    I have worked full-time building and designing websites from e-commerce to hotel/motels, to rock bands and everything in between.

    At this time I'm a very part-time freelancer who can help you in any of these areas on a small scale (by my choice). As needed for current customers and in some cases for new customers I will take on larger projects.

    I'm especially happy to help anyone who wishes to build (or rebuild) an online store using Blue Voda with use of an external shopping cart. (I prefer using CartManager for the shopping cart, but will work with Mal's and some others.)

    If you're looking for help, but have the desire to learn most of it yourself, then give me a call. I don't want to do it all or control it all - just to help you get to where you can take it over and handle it yourself. And I'll do this at affordable rates to be determined between us.

    Contact me with questions or for a quote.
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