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  • Anything new coming soon?

    Having being a customer on and off since 2007 i was wondering will the bluevoda website builder will be updated with new features such as your mobile phone software to be integrated with the bluevoda website builder.
    I love the ease of adding content to my website and would like to see option tab for building a basic online store
    with limited features but can upgrade to advanced for a fee. Plus an integrated blog section so everything is accessible from the website builder if vodahost done this it would blow away other names like wix or Go Daddy for example into shear panic

    I think personally that bluevoda should be up on top of the website builder list. The more options the more people will leave other website builders like Wix and go daddy as they are leading the website builder world.
    Also i noticed many posts on the forum are years old there was 1000s of members such as lady eye she was a great forum moderator but seems that the forums need a change from the old routine but i understand facebook has destroyed forum communities which i do not like.
    I hope this post gets published because bluevoda is a great website builder but could do with upgrading.
    I will never leave bluevoda as it works for me.

    Even the help is second to none