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How to Use Webmail from Within cPanel

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  • How to Use Webmail from Within cPanel

    what is cpanel

    This tutorial will guide you on how to use webmail in cPanel. For the purpose of this guide, we'll presume that you're currently in cPanel hosting and therefore are viewing the primary display.

    If you wish to login to webmail without first logging into your cPanel hosting, you can do it by, simply entering into your browser. (Note: is to be replaced with your actual domain name)

    Let us begin to learn how to use webmail in cPanel. We shall access webmail through the cPanel hosting page. Select the Webmail icon under the Mail section of your cPanel hosting screen. Once you have selected Webmail a new display will appear the Webmail page, where you can check your emails from a web browser instead of a desktop email application.

    Now select Go to Webmail Login. Here you will find that there are three webmail programs you can select from NeoMail, Horde or SquirrelMail. All three programs are very similar to each other. Let's learn how to use SquirrelMail.

    You may begin by selecting the SquirrelMail icon, which will bring you to the main screen of SquirrelMail. You can view the contents of the main inbox on this screen.

    Now we shall view the options page, select the Options tab on the top part of the screen. On the Options page there are several options for configuring the way your webmail is displayed. Feel free to modify any of these options; Personal Information, Display Preferences, Message Highlighting, Folder Preferences and Index Order.

    You can create folders and sub-folders in webmail where you can organize and store your email messages. Let's create a folder by selecting the Folders tab on the top part of the screen. Type a new folder name in the first box available under the Create Folder section. If you had folders created previously you could select one to put the new folder inside of it, making it a sub-folder. Select the create button.

    To view the new folder in the folders list, just select the Refresh Folder List link. The new folder can be viewed now on the left hand side of the screen beneath the INBOX section. You can create as many folders and sub-folders as you wish.

    SquirrelMail comes with a Personal Address Book which you can use to store your email addresses. Select the Addresses tab on the top of the screen. To add an email address to your address book, just simply insert the Nickname, E-mail Address, and the First and Last Name into the appropriate boxes provided. You can put additional information in the Additional Info box if you desire. When you have completed entering all the information, select the Add Address button. The address has now been added to your address book and can be seen under Personal address book section.

    Let's go through the process of composing and sending an email. Select the Compose tab at the top part of the screen. If you wish to select an address from your address book, select the Addresses button which is located above the Body text box. To select the email address(es) and to indicate whether they should be in To, Cc (Carbon Copy) or Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) fields just tick on the small box prior for each email address. Let's put the recently added contact into the Cc field by ticking on the Cc box and then select Use Addresses. As you can see that email address has been automatically inserted into the Cc field.

    Now you can enter the information for To, Subject and compose the email message in the Text Body. Once you have completed inputting your information, select the Send button to send your email.

    You may delete a message(s) sent to your inbox by selecting the small box on the line of the email(s) you wish to delete and then select the Delete Button on the right side of the screen. The message(s) has now been deleted from the inbox section.

    You can move a message(s) from your inbox to another folder by selecting the small box on the line of the email(s) you want to move and select which folder you want the email(s) moved to from the dropdown list under Move Selected To. And then select the Move button. The messages have now been moved since they are no longer viewed in the inbox. You may find the messages from selecting the folder you just moved the messages to and you will see them present.

    When you are finished with webmail you should always log out by selecting the Sign Out on the far right hand corner of the screen. This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use webmail in cPanel and remember that you do not have to go through cPanel hosting page to access your webmail.

    If you need any further assistance on how to use Webmail from within cPanel,
    please feel free to ask them on this thread!

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