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VodaHost Domains vs VodaHost Web Hosting

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  • VodaHost Domains vs VodaHost Web Hosting

    Ok, heres the situation. I created an account in VodaHost Domains first. I then clicked on the VodaHost Web Hosting link and created an account there and purchased the VodaHost Premium Package where you also registered a domain name for me. Which for right now, is active, is what I want, and is not the problem.

    However, back in VodaHost Domains, under my account, it says I have 0 domain names to manage. I do understand that VodaHost Domains and VodaHost Web Hosting are two different things but I was under the impression that under VodaHost Domains I would have 1 domain to manage and that my DNS would be pointing to my account in VodaHost Web Hosting.

    The question is, where is my 1 domain to manage and why can't I manage it? What if in the future I do not want web hosting and/or want to change my DNS or other settings?

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    Open up a support ticket and we will push the domain name to your account!
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      VodaHost Domains is a sepereate site and offers diffrent products than
      VodaHost web hosting whickh can be found on

      The reason we operate this way is as follows...

      Some folks just want a domain name with out a web hosting package. Some folks
      just want email management. So in order to please them, we offer a seperate
      website called VodaHost Domains that sells everything but web hosting.


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