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  • VodaHost
    Re: Free Domain Transfer

    UK Based Domains....

    if you have a UK based domain, please contact your registrar and tell
    them to change your IPS TAG to ENOM, please do this before submitting
    your trnasfer request or your transfer will fail.

    They will know what this is.

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  • VodaHost
    started a topic Free Domain Transfer

    Free Domain Transfer

    Please Read Very Carefully

    VodaHost has two types of domain transfers, "Free and Not Free". All VodaHost web hosting customers are entitled to one (1) free domain transfer,
    per web hosting package purchased...

    If you have already used up your free transfer and/or you desire to transfer additional domain names to VodaHost. You may purchase additional transfers for US$9.95 each. Click Here to purchase a domain name transfer.

    Transfer Instructions

    Start Preamble………………………………………………………………..

    a) Only domains with the below extensions may be transferred to VodaHost.

    .com / .net / .org / .info / .us / .biz / / /.ca

    d) Your domain must be at least 60 days old. If it is not at least 60 days old.

    If your domain name does not meet the above criteria, please Click Here to submit a support ticket and will issue alternative instructions.

    End Preamble………………………………………………………………..

    Please follow the below instructions to the letter.

    3 Easy Steps

    [Step 1] Click Here to do a whois search on your domain name, Make sure that you are listed as the administrative contact and the e-mail address for the administrative contact live and valid and is 100% Fully Accessible by you.

    All initiated transfers will require a confirmation e-mail which is sent to the administrator of the domain name, which must be approved. If you are not listed as the administrative contact, you must contact the company or person that controls the domain name and tell them to list you as the administrative contact pronto. If this is not possible, please inform us.

    [Step 2] Your domain must be "unlocked" for transfer. If you are not familiar with "unlocking" and "locking" of your domain, Please call (do not email) the company or person that controls your domain and tell them to unlock it immediately because you will be transferring it.

    Failure to unlock your domain will result in a transfer failure.

    The Transfer Request....................

    [Step 3] Once the above 3 EASY steps are complete Please Click Here to submit a transfer request to our domains department.

    Subject Line: free transfer request or paid transfer request (select one)

    [1] Your full name
    [2] The domain name you desire to transfer
    [3] You will need to get an Authorization Key to transfer your domain from your current registrar.

    If all goes well, the transfer should take no more than 72 hours from the moment you submitted the above request.

    PLEASE DO NOT submit a transfer request until the above is done and you have verified that it is done. The above is 100% YOUR responsibility.


    Troubleshooting - Why Do Transfers Fail?

    1) You are not listed as the administrative contact.

    2) You did not respond the transfer confirmation email. Please make double sure that you are on the look out for the transfer confirmation email. You will get it within 48 hours of submitting your transfer request.

    Email gets diverted into your bulk mail or spam folder. Please keep an eye on these folders.

    3) You do not own the domain name that you are trying to transfer.

    4) Your domain name is less than 60 days old. You can not transfer a domain name that is less than 60 days old ( Don't ask me why, it's the law).