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    Hello Guys,

    It's been a long time since I had an domain in Vodahost, now I ve just created my 8th domain. As far as I see, lots of changes made and Vodahost is now much easier and fantastic.

    I know our rule, to look up in the forums first but I really could not find what I am looking. I ve found something but it is very old and did not work for me. So, an easy question for the start upi how will I configure my gmail acc to my vodahost domain. I want to use gmail interface to send and receive e mails of my domain in Vodahost.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Gmail Settings


    You need to first log into your gmail account, then click on the gear in the upper right and enter settings.

    1) Select Accounts and Import.
    2) Next to Check mail from another account select Add a Mail account.
    3) Enter your VodaHost email address.
    4) Import emails from my other account.
    5) Enter your username (full email address)
    6) Enter Password for the email address
    7) Enter your mail server, if you are unsure please open a ticket asking for this.
    Make your selections (ie leave mail on server, use SSL, etc) Then hit next.
    9) Choose if you want to be able to send email as well.
    10) Uncheck treat as an alias.
    11) Enter your SMTP details, then select add account.

    If you need any more details, please open a ticket!


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