Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is a powerful affiliate management and tracking system that allows you to easily set up and maintain your own affiliate program and pay your affiliates commissions for clicks or sales that they refer to your site.

Using PAP on your website is one of the most efficient ways to achieve more traffic, sales and better link popularity without additional costs.

PAP is compatible with nearly all merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts and membership systems. The logos below are only a small sample.

PAP normally retails for US$149.00 , a free fully licensed version of PAP 2.0 is included with every VodaHost web hosting account.


  • Per click
  • Per lead/sale (Flat rate or Percentage)
  • Per lead/sale recurring commissions
  • multi tier commissions – up to 10 tiers
  • Unlimited product categories and unlimited affiliate categories

Standard functionality

  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Adjustable payout amounts & Multiple payout methods
  • Integrates with virtually every cart/payment gateway on the market
  • Full history of all transactions
  • Unlimited banners
  • Banner grouping to categories
  • Recurring commissions (weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly)
  • Set your currency type
  • Setting of cookie lifetime
  • Easy to use, all settings are accessible via control panel
  • Very fast, load tested system
  • Customizable email templates
  • Mass emails to affiliates

Approvals & fraud protection

  • Approve new affiliate accounts (optional)
  • Approve new sales (optional)
  • Transaction management: view, approve, decline, delete
  • Automatized fraud protection

Banners and Creatives

  • Image banners
  • Text banners
  • HTML banners – allowing FLASH, pop-up windows, JavaScript code, ..

Extensive Reports

  • Quick report with daily impressions, clicks and sales
  • Time range reports & detailed transactions reports
  • Traffic & Sales graphical reports
  • Banner impressions, clicks and CTR ratios

Language Packs Included

  • Translate it to your own language by translating only one file
  • Full multi language support with dynamic language switching

Post Affiliate Pro and all other premium Scripts and downloads can be found in The Treasure Chest area of our Support Forum. Please check your welcome letter for your Treasure Chest password, if you did not receive a password in your welcome letter, please Click Here to submit a support ticket.

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