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    Re: Check it out now

    I didn't have any trouble with your pages. I like your header color scheme. The navigation on the left menu bar is very long. It may be easier for your site visitors to navigate if you split the navigation up into main categories and sub categories.
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      Re: Check it out now

      Primal.. I answered your other thread in soho about the page size.. thats determined by the template you use.. and that template is a FLUID template.

      If you want to alter the template make it a FIXED WIDTH or alter the text and the text colors .. you have to download that template, change the template files and the css codes. Load it back up to soho. If you arent html savvy and dont have an html editor or know about css then you will have a difficult time with this. Id suggest you use a different template and make sure to click.. get more templates on the template manager up at the top to go look at the addon site. There are HUNDREDS of free templates to choose from.



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        Re: Check it out now

        Just right click on your page, go to page properties, then change the height/width accordingly.
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          Re: Check it out now

          Hi Rangaz,

          This is soho, not Bv... so that doesn't work ...

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            Re: Check it out now

            Well with evryones help I think Im about done for now. If there are any problems I have missed please let me know. Im not really sure where to go from here. If anyone who has had sucess in getting your site to show in the top of the search engines could give me some advise it would be greatly apreciated.


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              Re: Check it out now

              Hello everyone,
              Well Iíve been working on this site for a couple months now and I really want to get it listed to the search engines, however I also want it to be presentable. Please look it over for me and if there are any problems left that I should address I welcome the advice. So far everyone has been a great help and I donít think I would have gotten this far without the help.
              Thank you all.

              P.S. If you see anything you like I am pleased to take orders and am offering a 15% discount to Blue Voda members.

              Randie B.


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                Re:How do you like me now?

                Just wanted to get some feedback from all the folks out there before I upload to the search engines.
                Thanks for all the creative help and good luck to you all.



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                  Re: Check it out now

                  Originally posted by HalaalPages View Post
                  Ok, Randie. The style sheet in soho needs to be changed to the colors you want. Here's the link to your sheet. Do you see where it says,

                  a:link {color: #FF0000; text-decoration:underline; border-bottom:1px solid #A7390D;}
                  a:visited {color: #FF0000; text-decoration:underline; border-bottom:1px solid #A7390D;}
                  a:hover {color: #FFC618; text-decoration:underline; border-bottom:1px solid #DE920D;}
                  a:active {color: #FFC618; text-decoration:underline; border-bottom:1px solid #DE920D;}

                  This is the only section you need to worry about in regards to your link colors. Use this page to help you find the right one for your site.
                  Now, the way to change it would be to go into your cPanel and use (Legacy) File Manager to access your Soho folder.
                  In your soho folder, access your file through sohoadmin,program,modules,site_templates,pages,NEU TRAL-Red_White_and_Chrome-none,custom.css

                  Once you finally get to the custom.css file, to your right, click on Edit File and ok when it asks you to verify your text editor. In the text editor, refer to the 4 lines above and change the colors.

                  You might have to keep changing the colors to find the one that's right for you, but just use that page with the colors and I think through trial and error, u should fine the perfect combo.

                  Hope it works out.


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                    Re: Check it out now

                    Halaal, you once gave me a link to a color chart page and it seems that I cant bring it up now. Do you know how I can find it again?

                    Thank you