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Sell your product for a Tweet!…

…for Love AND Money!!

Pay With a TweetThe Internet surfing public loves a bargain and the only thing they love more than a bargain is a free product or service. There are very many free services available on the Internet: anti-virus software, multimedia players, many, many software tools, entire office suites, multimedia players, and even entire PC Operating Systems. These are usually loss-leading products to market bigger and more expensive products. It is done this way due to one constant of the human condition: People love free; free makes people happy.

The free software could be a non-pro or limited version of another piece of software or a gateway to another of your products and services. A great example is Apple’s iTunes software; it’s free to download and use but it is very heavily connected, a gateway if you will, to Apple’s iTunes Store.

This all brings me neatly to another free service being offered at the moment, by Innovative Thunder; a service called “Pay With A Tweet” that allows you to get a unique kind of payment for the product or service that you offer from your website.

It works like this: Your visitor can download or partake of your “free” product and in return, as payment, they click a button to initiate the download which will post a marketing message about the product to their twitter feed or Facebook wall. Your visitor gets a “free” product and you get viral marketing and links to boost your SEO.

You’ll find that very often people are happy to promote a service that they like or have found to be useful. From its very beginnings, marketing has given stuff away for Free with the ultimate goal of making more money … and so it continues … because it works.

It is very often the case that word-of-mouth about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it. ‘Pay with a Tweet’ is the first social payment system, where people pay you with the value of their social network in marketing your product.

This service has taken the traditional idea of free and turned it on its head. Of course the service your are providing is not quite free. It requires a payment (however apparently small) from your viewer in their clicking on your PayWithATweet button and then logging in to their social networking site of course. The genius is though, that this can be done at no monetary cost and it is the monetary cost that your user notices. Even if the download of your ebook was only $0.39, it probably would not be downloaded as much as if the payment was in a tweet. It’s a great deal simpler than them paying with PayPal or even via Credit Card payment where there are fees involved. They get your product; you get the chance of some extremely viral marketing. You can never market your website enough and this right here is a great deal.

I must admit the name is slightly deceptive. While the service is called Pay with a Tweet, you can also use facebook and have your customers share a piece of news on facebook; this service does not begin and end with Twitter.

Viral Twitter Marketing | Pay With a TweetThe system is simple, straightforward and very clever. Every time somebody pays for one of your products or services with a tweet, he or she is telling all their followers and friends about that product.

Your users can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on their Facebook wall to tell all their friends about you, your product and your brand.

So, who should use ‘Pay with a Tweet’?

Everybody. You can never get enough marketing for your website and you can never, ever, get enough social networking links of the kind offered by facebook and twitter

In general all content creators and marketers that want to create buzz for themselves, their brand, product or service can use this service.

Musicians and DJ’s, for example, can sell their latest mix, single or music video for a Tweet to promote your next gig, show, album,  or just to attract more visitors to your website.

Authors and writers can “Sell” their ebooks or even a sample version of their ebook with a Tweet to boost your sales. Equally, Publishers and Journalists can sell their article for a Tweet to promote their periodical newspaper, magazine or charged online service.

Film-makers can sell the trailer for your upcoming movie for a Tweet as a boost to its marketing campaign.

Even scientists and other professionals can sell a thesis, a study, a paper or a presentation for a Tweet to increase their popularity in whatever their special field.

ANY Service Provider can sell a basic version of your service for a Tweet and bring more people to your website where they can learn about the benefits of your “premium” service which you offer for a certain monetary charge.

Whatever your niche your aim should be to sell your latest product for a Tweet and make it go viral!

How can I use Pay With A Tweet?

Let’s get started, then… Visit and just fill out the form and get your personal ‘Pay with a Tweet’ URL and download button. Your files remain hosted on your website, so you must input a URL straight to the file you want to “sell”. Make absolutely sure you do not make any mistakes in your URLs!

1) Add a name that will appear as the descriptive name of the file you are selling. If it’s a music album you are offering for example, take the name of the song or if it’s a presentation, take the name of that presentation.

2) Enter the URL to the file you want to sell, for example:

3) Enter the text of the Tweet you want the people to post. You have 110 characters to work with and you should be aware that this text can be edited by the downloader should they wish to personalize this message.

4) Visit Here, enter the URL that will be attached to every Tweet that will be posted as people download your product. This URL should point to the webpage with your Pay with a Tweet download button, NOT the URL to the actual file to be downloaded. Here you only have 29 characters to play with and that is why it’s best to use a URL shortener like

5) Finally, if you are indeed a human, then you should have no problem filling out the captcha and clicking: “Create my Button

How can I track how many people paid with a Tweet?

There are several ways to get some analytics on your Pay with a Tweet campaign. You can use any of the following, alone or in combination:

1. Track and count the Tweets with a service like As keyword to track, use the URL of your Tweet-text, because this is the only part of the Tweet that your patrons can’t edit.

2. Track the clicks on your link. If you use to shrink the URL you use in your Tweet-text, you can access a simple statistic of clicks and latest Tweets by signing into your Google account before you shorten your link and when you want to track its usage

3. You can search on Twitter for your Tweet-text URL.

So, get out there and start selling your products and services for a Tweet. If you like this article, and think that it has been helpful to you, We accept payment in Tweets :)


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