The Power of Thought

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Please watch the video above, then read the below

We are going to deviate a little from the norm this week; we’re not telling about new services from Google or sharing Social Networking or S.E.O. tips-and-tricks. Instead, here’s a little inspiration and an overview of the bigger picture. How big a picture, you ask? As big as you can possibly imagine…

I wanted to share the video above, ‘Thoughts Become Things!’ by the truly inspirational Mike Dooley because I find it to be highly enlightening and a great resource. Mike discusses many of the things that I feel must be considered when planning any business venture and indeed creating a website to meet those goals; in fact, a great deal of what Mike has discussed lends itself really well to how to plan your very own online business.

The universal truth here is that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This goes without saying and will never be questioned (certainly not by me, anyway). The road to this achievement may not be a quick or easy journey to undertake and sometimes you may be confronted by a dead end. Being successful can seem difficult but it always begins and is set back on track with dreams, the right mind-set and those first few seeds of inspiration.

Let’s talk basics for a moment and lets do some visualizing … What do you want? Can you picture it?

No really … be honest … what do you want?

A certain lifestyle, a specific amount of money in your bank account … a Ferrari 458 Italia? These should never seem like unrealistic goals because people before you have achieved them.

So, what are your goals? What is the end result going to be? You have to ask this question, because if you do not, how are you to know what to do to achieve it and how are you ever to know that you have achieved it? If you do not know where you are going when you start out, how can you ever hope to get there.

How are you going to achieve your goals? What are you going to give to get there?

I cannot answer these questions for you. It is your journey; the path is yours to imagine.

You may meet seeming immovable objects as you journey. The trick is to always remember your dreams and goals and always stay positive. Plan your work and work that plan. Know what the next step is, your relative position to that next foothold. If it is not working, sit back, re-think and re-group, scheme and plan until the map in your mind is re-drawn and your journey can continue.

I hope the video above and this text keeps you inspired and motivated. You must never stop dreaming, thinking and visualizing. The power of thought is truly immeasurable. Your mind is amazing and your most powerful ally.

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