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Features a Good Web Host Should Provide

Every new website begins with an idea – an idea that can potentially become a challenge to construct without a little basic knowledge and understanding of how web hosting and web hosting companies actually work.  The most essential element of any successful website is a reliable web hosting company, one of the most practices methods of sourcing for a reliable host is by frequenting web hosting review sites. Webmaster must, however, be able to look past the bells and whistles of the most established web hosting companies and select a host that provides access to the quality tools and features that are actually needed for the website creation and maintenance.  The most favorable web hosting tools that a reliable hosting company will offer include: PHP web script The majority of web hosting companies on the market offer PHP since it is the most popular website creation script. SQL Database Since every database needs access to unique script, it is essential that webmasters elect service from a web hosting company that provides SQL script hosting. Additional Domain Names It is ideal to contract services from a web hosting company that provides multiple domain names to web hosting accounts so that extra websites can be added as the site grows and expands. Experts recommended choosing a web host that will provide no less than 5 extra domain names on the same account to provide room for growth potential. A Site Builder Novice webmasters will find the peace of mind that comes with using a fully functional website creation tool. Site builder applications provide a great place to start while webmasters a familiarizing themselves with the world of web creation and site hosting. CGI CGI scripting is the PHP of the past. However, it is still a functional necessity in successful web hosting. Most web hosting companies offer CGI as their default script, and it is best to select as host that offers both CGI and PHP until CGI become obsolete. Statistics and Monitoring Tools Most well established web hosting companies will provide their client base with some form of metric and statistic monitoring tool. This will allow webmasters to track what viewers are accessing on their websites and where they are visiting from. Stat and metric monitoring tools are essential in website growth and retention as they allows webmasters to quickly identify elements that need improvement. Continue reading

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